Fiona Ford

Deputy HR Director and Head of Organisational Development, Bristol University

We are delighted with the way in which Red Door has delivered an ambitious programme of mandatory training for all our professional/administrative Staff Reviewers as part of a major OD project at Bristol University. They were tasked with delivering a high quality 4 hour skills-based session to mixed groups of senior, middle and first line managers, with varying prior experience, and differing degrees of engagement with the concept of the training!

They have taken on this challenge with great spirit, enthusiasm and success. Feedback has been very good indeed, with around 97% of attendees rating the facilitators as highly effective and over 70% of attendees rating the value of the training very highly.

Linda and Tracy have demonstrated an exceptionally high level of facilitation skills and I have been particularly impressed by their ability to pick up on, and adapt very effectively to, the nuances of the culture of our organisation.