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It all started with two girls from Doncaster

Two girls from Doncaster joined the Marks and Spencer Management training scheme on the same day in September 1981. Both received job offer letters to start at Huddersfield store but they were destined not to meet for a further 10 years when Tracy’s move was changed at last minute to Cheltenham.

Finally after parallel careers in HR and Training across the U.K Tracy and Linda found themselves in the South West and living in neighbouring villages. Both were married in the same year and had two children, a girl first then a boy. Linda worked part time in M&S Bath and Tracy in M&S Bristol. Again their paths had yet to cross.

A great forward thinking HR Divisional Head suggested they might consider a promotion as a job share. They both said yes and the rest is history. So meeting together finally happened in a local car park to drop off a car before their visit to see their new manager. Linda, newly suited and booted dropped her car keys down a drain and so the partnership fun began just before the millennium year. After many career changes and promotions in M&S across the South West in 2008 the job sharers decided a new adventure was needed.

M&S had given them both brilliant career opportunities but now it was time for something new.

In 2009 with no idea about how to set up a business, no clients, and totally clueless on what to do first, Linda and Tracy sat at a kitchen table, in a freezing cold January and a new business partnership began. Red Door was formed and the journey commenced. Learning from others (you know who you are… thank you) and mistakes (plenty) but importantly many laughs and successes later, Red Door is eleven years old with associates, lovely staff and a great business

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