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Sam Coaching, Training

I was at the session that you ran at the University of Bristol yesterday on leadership styles and coaching and I just wanted to say that your advice around coaching has already been really helpful! I had a one-to-one with one of my staff this morning and due to the challenges I’ve been having I decided to try some of the coaching questions that we discussed yesterday. It was really interesting to see how different the conversation was that we were having. It was really useful to try approaching her one-to-one in a new way and put the onus more on her to explore her own thoughts and actions rather than just directing her. Just wanted to say thanks.

Scott Shackleford Commercial Director Job Sharing, Mentoring

Having seen some fantastic growth over the past few years we recognised that various areas of the business needed some specific mentoring and training. Having spoken to Red Door we decided to implement some trials with our customer service team. The feedback from this was fantastic, what we soon realised was how diverse their training could be and their ability to get to the bottom of underlying issues and expand levels of communication was excellent. We particularly love the tailored training and cannot thank them enough for taking fragmented teams, enabling them to open up, discuss and progress as a department without creating the usual animosity. We recently had a Heads of Department meeting and all mangers across the business felt Red Doors input had far exceeded our expectations. We have now undertaken a series of training initiatives across all areas of the company from drivers to office staff to install the same customer service ethos and disciplines as we are all working and communicating to service the customer. The bespoke training clearly identifies our needs and is put into practice in a pragmatic and practical training package.

Having grown from a small family business to in excess of 20 million turnover it will be exceptionally important to maintain our values and levels of communication to in return retain our staff and of course customers, we now as a matter of course approach Red Door to undertake most scenarios of training across all departments of the business and see them as a key part of our business moving forward. Thank you again the Red Door Team.

Paul Mucklow CEng MIMechE CEnv Estate Services Training

We wanted some simple and effective customer engagement training for our Estates team, from the handypersons to the Directors, Red Door provided exactly that

Sam Wells Retail Director Training

Linda and Tracy delivered a really enjoyable and informative programme across our 4 shops and sales order office. They were very professional in their approach and the sessions were well planned and aimed at a level that meant everyone got involved, and the ideas for improving our service were really flowing.

We wanted to strengthen areas where we felt we were weak whilst building on our stronger practises, and again the Red Door ladies identified those needs very quickly, and with the teams being trained, worked with them to give us a new standard which we all feel comfortable with, and will ultimately give all of our customers a more enjoyable shopping experience.

NHS Practice Manager Outplacement

Comments following a Team Day for a large Doctor's Practice in Bristol.

The outcomes (of the day) far exceeded expectations.

It has given us the building blocks and the change of attitude I was looking for to now start to develop a raft of other initiatives.

None of this would have happened without you doing the pre workshop briefing sessions which enabled you to get to grips with us organisationally and to build credibility with the wider staff team so that they would engage and allow themselves to be lead.

They (Red Door) have an understated way of making things feel very accessible and simple, yet achieve excellent results in a very short time.

Mirinda Rowell Operations Manager

Red Door ran a bespoke Customer Service Skills course for our reception team which they delivered in-house at the GP surgery. The training was tailored to the team, included reviewing actual scenarios based on real situations the team had encountered in the surgery and how they were dealt with at the time and perhaps how they could have been dealt with differently. The course acted as a refresher to the team on excellent customer service strategies, how to keep positive in a demanding face-to-face role, why their attitude is important and cemented their team work. Linda’s extensive experience in training practice staff was invaluable.

Ann-Marie Spence Organisational Development Consultant Training

The Customer Service Training programme that Red Door has designed and delivered for us has been outstanding. Our college has benefited immensely. They are a 1st class training company who has met our expectations. They succeeded in motivating and getting staff to think about their relationships with customers - the students, what their needs are and how they can meet those needs. This was achieved because Red Door really understands people.

I would definitely recommend Red Door to any higher education institution.

NHS Practice Manager Bristol

Red Door assisted us during our recent Away Day which involved the whole Practice including GPs. Linda was very professional and an expert Facilitator. She spent time with our Practice Team before the event and worked hard to relate to our issues and understand our challenges.

Peter Staff Managing Director

We were delighted with the success of the Performance Development Review workshops carried out by Red Door Coaching & Training. The feedback from the Managers who attended has been very positive and they all feel better prepared now to carry out their staffs appraisals. Tracy provided us with very practical and valuable techniques for ensuring that we optimise this important management tool.

KW Production Supervisor Outplacement

After over 20 years of working for the same company, I had to look for employment due to unforeseeable circumstance. My confidence was low and I honestly did not know where to start. The thought of the process was very overwhelming and I had to start from scratch with a new CV. Tracy made the process so much easier and not just in a pratical way, she built my confidence back up and offered continuous sincere support and guidance throughout. Without her, I'm not sure if I would have had the confidence to pursue what I wanted in my next place of employment. I have since managed to find the right job role for me much sooner than I anticipated. Thank you, Tracy.
I would highly recommend Red Door due to their professional and, more importantly, friendly approach.

Production Supervisor

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