Pier Walker

Spending many years of confusion with my own career direction and in later years finding myself in and out of employment, I attended a workshop recommended by my local Job Centre Advisor, tailored to the more mature jobseeker.

Red Door Coaching & Training Company provided an invigorating and highly informative workshop day. The course was run very professionally and pitched to a large group of people from many different walks of life that held many years of employment experience, however, like myself, somehow ended up in a position of unemployment.

Although one day workshop was not long enough to go into any great depth, the information given on the workshop was backed up by a more in-depth work pack to take home. Many managers in large organisations are offered ‘Out Placement’ services when redundancies are made and the rest of the working force on a lower level are left to just, ‘fend for themselves’, through the employment job seeking jungle.

I thank Red Door for providing an ‘Out Placement’ one day workshop equivalent to highly skilled people who would otherwise not be given the same level of ‘career mentoring’ and being generally over looked just because they are deemed as part of the ageing workforce.

I came away feeling upbeat and revitalised with a much more positive and structured attitude to take me forwards with my job seeking.