Vivienne Rose

Associate Director (Administration and Campus Services)

It has been a pleasure working with the Red Door team both for targeted small group training on customer services and for a large team event which they facilitated for us. At the December event they worked with approximately 100 staff from two different departments in the University. There were a number of different skill bases and the group ranged from Directors through all the staff grades to very junior staff. Red Door offered a three hour team building session which incorporated a number of different exercises and some practical tasks. I was extremely impressed with the Red Door staffs’ ability to manage that number of participants, keep them engaged and provide useful feedback for our management team after the event. The verbal feedback from participants has been extremely positive and many of them have been able to identify their ‘learning’ from the session. Personally working with Tracy Franckesen to organise these sessions has been a pleasure. Red Door offer a professional service and they are able to adapt their approach and the offer to meet our needs. I would definitely recommend them.