John Gibson

John Gibson Practice Manager at Malago Surgery, Bedminster

We last changed our appointment system over ten years ago. Initially the changes delighted our patients and gave our doctors a vastly improved work-life balance. But over the years we've faced increasing demands and are now less able to meet our patients' expectations. We've tried many times to find solutions but could never quite focus on the root causes and come to a consensus on the best course of action.

Following a scoping meeting, we asked Tracy to facilitate a day with all our GPs and representatives from the nursing and administration teams to help find a new way to structure our appointments. She knew she faced a significant challenge to keep our group of forceful extroverts with individual agendas following the process and focusing on the important issues. Using the perfect mix of charm, perception and assertiveness, she managed to keep us all engaged for the whole day and to steer us from defining the problem to a unanimously agreed action plan. She turned her lack of expert knowledge into a strength by asking questions which challenged our preconceptions and made us define the problems concisely.

The feedback has been unanimous in its praise of Tracy. We would unreservedly recommend her and Red Door to any General Practice needing to develop whole team solutions to problems.