Dr Steve Gaskin

Faculty Business Manager, Faculty of Business

I employed Red Door in the summer of 2015 to facilitate a development day for members of Professional Services staff in the Faculty of Business at Plymouth University. The day was challenging in terms of content, time and sensitive issues that were addressed.

Both Tracy and Linda facilitated the day professionally in a challenging, open and positive manner, quickly gaining respect, engagement and credibility from the delegation. The exercises were focussed, well timed and challenging which ensured a dynamism and rhythm across the whole day. The outcome was a list of prioritised and tangible actions now being implemented within the Faculty. The ‘action-based’ agreed approach ensured that the return on the investment was worthwhile and continued well beyond the event itself. Tracy and Linda put in careful thought way before the event and we had several iterations before settling on a final programme. They probed and unpacked my initial ideas and rationale and in doing so brought to the surface some key areas to work on, through suggested techniques. All in all, I would highly recommended Red Door as I was (again) impressed by their way of working as much as their intimate knowledge of the issues, cultures and challenges within the HE sector.