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Introducing Facilitation


We have over 21 years experience working as Facilitators. In this time we estimate that we have worked with over 4 thousand people.

We really enjoy being part of the process that refocuses strategies, and enables teams to emerge revitalised and energised. We are the encouraging external voice that reinforces the messages you need to communicate.

We expect to help you work through challenging issues, we never avoid difficult subjects and we enable you to achieve positive solutions. Our experience lets us react to the needs of the session. We prepare in advance but have the flexibility to deviate from the plan to meet the needs of the group.

We are able to use our external experience and expertise to facilitate team events, meetings and training to support you to face your specific challenges and reach your desired goals.

Away Days

We design and facilitate Team Events; we can help your team to solve a problem, be creative or develop a strategy. We can also assist you and your team in improving awareness of why individuals in teams operate as they do and how different roles are needed in the creation of an effective team. Red Door’s experienced facilitators can also support your event with a range of psychometric instruments including KAI and Myers Briggs as well as Belbins to help bring further clarity and insight into team behaviour.

It all starts with a phone call to discuss your goals and challenges and how we can help get you there.

Do you achieve all you need in your meetings?

Despite arriving at a meeting with lots of energy and enthusiasm we have all had the experience of sitting in unproductive, poorly chaired meetings with disappointing outcomes. We can guide you through the steps needed to resolve this unsuccessful and frustrating deadlock. We agree a plan with you, work out which points are already agreed upon and which are the cause of conflict, then devise a strategy to help you achieve your outcome.

Alison Roberts Head of Terminal and Customer Operations Facilitation

A huge thank you to Red Door (Tracy and Linda) for facilitating our Business Partner day and helping us to reach conclusion on our shared Customer Charter. The day was great fun but with some good group work facilitation and ideas generated. Definitely took the pressure off myself and my team.

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