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Introducing Job Sharing

Job Sharing done right

We like to think of this as our specialist field. Having job shared for twenty years, we love sharing our experience and expertise with you and enabling you to have the same success.

We offer 2-1 coaching for partnerships or workshops/sessions for partners to attend together.

Two people’s experience for the price of one

We really know what it takes to be a successful job share. Job shares are a great “two for one” deal as Employers get two people’s experience for the price of one. It is very attractive for employees and promotes a positive working environment.

We know lots of people who would job share in their organisation if they could. It encourages flexible working, is great for retention and enables employees to progress in their role. It is simple and not complicated but sometimes job sharers need a bit of help to get there. Two people working together because they want a flexible part time working option doesn’t always make it a success. In our experience it can cause more harm than good if not well thought through.

Our programme includes:

Why Job Share
Strengths and Values
From "I" to "we"
Joint discussion – one decision
Managing as a jobshare
Communication as a jobshare

Developing a job share strategy

Recently our work with job sharing has taken us to the opposite ends of the earth. We have worked with Sian Berry (and her predecessor, Caroline Lucas) and Jonathan Bartley from the Green Party of England and Wales, helping to develop their job share strategy. They told us:

“The opportunity to discuss the realities of job sharing with two such experts was immensely helpful, and their insights were clear and constructive”.

We have also worked with a great Australian company One Job Two Minds. We have provided a series of training workshops and tailored support to help the new job share partnerships they are creating get off to the best start.

We would love to help maximise the potential of your job share to give you the best working partnership and a successful career.

Karen McCabe (Job share with Vicky Scard) Head of Retail & Offices Learning & Development Job Sharing

We just wanted to say thank you for spending time with us last week discussing job sharing and sharing your expertise. Having worked together as a job share for over 18 months now it was really valuable to spend time reflecting on how we operate and how we can evolve our partnership further. We found the session on ways of working particularly useful and now feel inspired to share both the business and personal benefits of job sharing across our organisation.

Alexia and Georgina Policy Coordinator Job Sharing

We both found the training really valuable and insightful. It allowed us the space to think carefully about the jobshare, raise concerns, and talk honestly about the experience - without which we may have just 'got our heads down' without giving it too much thought, and, who knows, we may have encountered issues which we will have hopefully now averted! The sessions encouraged us to consider the whole philosophy of a job-share, as well equipping us with some very practical tips and tools to help us on our way. Linda and Tracy were a pleasure to work with and an excellent example of what is clearly a very successful job-share! Many thanks for taking the time to work with us and for standing us in such good stead for our own job-share!

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