Leadership Training

Our Leadership Training is designed to support your people to be the best that they can be. We have always believed that the manager makes the difference.

Leadership training

All our Leadership Training is bespoke (tailored to your outcomes, budget and timescale). A programme can include a diagnostic session where the candidate and their Line Manager decide what the key development needs are for the candidate and book a selection of workshops.

Our Leadership Programmes are flexible and modular allowing customers to select one module or several modules.

Candidates can then have one-to-one coaching sessions to support their individual learning plans culminating in an agreed Action Plan for future growth.

Coaching is a subject we are passionate about .John Whitmore said “A manager’s task is simple – to get the job done and to grow his staff. Time and cost pressures limit the latter. Coaching is one process with both effects.”

Both Linda and Tracy are qualified CIPD coaches. We offer one to one business coaching. We look at your current position and help to see the best path forward in your career. When you find yourself at a career crossroads, facing organisational change or are just in need of objective review we can help you to clarify your thinking and determine a positive direction.

Our Leadership training is available in Bite Size – short courses which focus on single topics delivered in just two hours. For more information and examples of what we offer visit our Bite Size Training page.

Leadership programmes

Our Leadership Programmes delivered in-house are extremely flexible. We ensure all modules undertaken are truly tailored to delegates needs and abilities, developing deep insight that delivers the maximum benefit.

Communicating Effectively

We already know that communication is key to any organisation. The trick is knowing how to turn ordinary communication into effective communication.

Influencing and negotiating

Influencing and negotiating skills can sometimes be overlooked. However we feel that they are essential to maintaining a positive advantage and saving time and money.

Giving and receiving feedback

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions” said Ken Blanchard, and we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we think it’s vital that you know how to make use of it.


Knowing how to state your views, ask for what you want, and say ‘no’ in the workplace may seem like daunting tasks. That’s why we recognise the importance of training you to be assertive.

Dealing with challenging people

Everyone is someone else’s challenging person. Hence with so many of us about, it’s crucial that we are fully equipped to deal with them professionally.


Delegation is an essential tool. When done correctly it saves you time, develops people and can boost motivation. When done incorrectly it can cause frustration, de-motivate and cause delay. We prefer the sound of the first one!

The manager as a coach

Quality coaching conversations can be some of the most difficult to have but are essential for developing performance. That’s why we like to give you a hand!

Induction training

Need an Induction programme designing for your business or a health check on your current one?

Train the trainer

Essential training and coaching for those in house staff who train others in your organisation.

Facilitation skills

How good are your facilitation skills? Explore core facilitations skills and the roles and responsibilities required when facilitating a meeting or group. Get the most out of the time you have and get results!

Managing change

Change is inevitable within every organisation. We feel that it’s always best dealt with proactively rather than reactively, so we share with you precisely how to do this.

Interviewing skills

Being either side of the interview table can be scary and we really understand this. We address the skills needed before, during and after the interview, to ensure that you feel confident throughout the process and the outcome is the best that it can be.

Managing your teams performance

A good manager achieves results through the leadership of their team. Let’s make sure that’s true!

Effective meetings

How often do your meetings achieve nothing? Let us show you how to ensure that they’re productive with satisfying outcomes.

Planning ahead and managing workflow

Constantly ‘fire fighting’ and failing to find the time to plan ahead is a challenge for us all. We can show you how to delegate effectively and manage your workload so that you have that time you need to plan ahead.

Presentation skills

Knowing how to create and deliver first-class presentations, as well as how to present yourself professionally are of the upmost importance in this day and age. No need to worry, they’re skills easily mastered with a little guidance!

Recruitment and selection skills

Having the right people, at the right place, at the right time is so important for every organisation. That’s why we like to help you get it right!

Report writing

Writing a report need not be difficult. With a little study and practice, we can help you develop this skill and transform your reports into powerful tools.

Staff Review and Development

Ultimately conducting effective reviews and developing your staff is going to increase your business performance. That is why we feel it's essential that this topic is not overlooked, and cover everything from how to start the conversation and questions to use, to feedback models and reviewer-reviewee expectations. We then put it all into practice with scenarios based on your organisation.

Leadership Training testimonials

Speaking about their latest Coaching Skills workshops:

"It was brilliant, the best management programme I have been on … the two trainers were great, really engaging”

“What a fantastic course it was – absolutely brilliant!!”

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The Faculty of Arts at the University of Bristol has recently introduced a faculty-wide mentoring scheme to provide additional support and to broaden networks. Tracy and Linda at Red Door Coaching were commissioned to provide bespoke training sessions for mentors and...

Michelle Coupland
Faculty Manager, Faculty of Arts

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"I was at the session that you ran at the University of Bristol yesterday on leadership styles and coaching and I just wanted to say that your advice around coaching has already been really helpful! I had a one-to-one with one of my staff this morning and due to the...

University of Bristol

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